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A power of attorney is a legal document that lets you appoint one or more people to help make decisions on your behalf. A lawyer is required to sign a power of attorney. The power of attorney could be used in the future when you become incapable of making decisions. This may occur as a result of an illness or accident that causes you to become impaired. To know whether you qualify as incapable, a registered and licenced medical doctor will be able to confirm this.

The type of decisions that you may wish someone to make for you may be related to your welfare, financial or property affairs. The power of attorney contains information such as the names of people (attorneys) who you would like to help you with making future decisions and the various powers those individuals will have. The power of attorney will also detail when your attorneys can begin acting on your behalf. You must be 18 years old or older to set up a power of attorney.

Attorneys may act together when making decisions on someone else’s behalf. In this situation, the attorneys can act individually of each other. This means that if anything happened to one of the attorneys, the other attorney would continue to be in force. It also means that the signature of one attorney is valid without the signature of the other.

A power of attorney can be made for:

– Short term situations. Such as if you’re in hospital and unable to carry out everyday tasks.
– Long term situation. Such as, you have been diagnosed with dementia and are unable to make decisions regarding your future.

The type of decisions to be made on someone else’s behalf may include:

– Making decisions regarding their bank accounts, savings, investments or any other financial matter.
– Dealing with property.
– Claiming welfare benefits on the person’s behalf.
– Making decisions about where the person will live.
– Making decisions regarding their health care or personal care.

Everyone should have a power of attorney to protect you from the uncertainties of life. Our lawyers will be able to assist you in the drafting and signing of your power of attorney. We will offer specialist advice on what power of attorney is best suited to you.

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